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begin_bacteria (2_15) - Antibiotic sensitive strain vs...

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Bacterial Strains- small genetic variation within a species Differ from each other b/c diff. nucleotide sequence at their genes….alleles Wild type strains vs. Mutant Strains Wild type strain- has wild type alleles, common alleles that are functional, in all of its genes…can grow in both broth and Agar…gets amino and vitamins and everything it needs to grow from end products of biochemical pathways….has all enzymes to catalyze all the steps of the biochem. Pathways…cuz it has wild type alleles at all of the genes Prototrophic strain- lives on minimal media…Gly+ glyA gly B gly C Auxotrophic strain- dies on media….Gly- Metabolism can be broken down into catabolism….anabolism…pathways that take simple components and make them into more complicated things….Auxotrophic strains are errors of Anabolism C- Source mutant- cant break down a particular carbon source….it CAN break down glucose…CAN’t break down lactose WHY?? lacZ- or lacY-… both are necessary in order for cells to catabolize lactose
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Unformatted text preview: Antibiotic sensitive strain vs. antibiotic resistant strain-Sensitive strain can’t grow in the presence of a particular antibiotic….whereas a resistant strain CAN…AMPs…AMPr Selective medium- distinguishes between he mutant and the wild type strands…either the wild type lives, mutant dies or vise- versa Non selective medium- CANNOT distinguish between the mutant and wild- type strains • wild type lives on minimal media….auxotroph dies b/c one of its anabolic pathways are blocked and it cant make one of the end- product that it needs to live….minimal media is selective in the case of the auxotrophic strain • superscripts are never used on phenotypes and genotypes • Some plasmids are called episomes- an episome is a plasmid that can integrate itself into the chromosome…replicates passively when the chromosome replicates • Transformation- trasfer of DNA into a bacterium from its environment...
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begin_bacteria (2_15) - Antibiotic sensitive strain vs...

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