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Mythology Study Guide MT 2 - Midterm 2 Study Guide VISIONS...

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Midterm 2 Study Guide VISIONS OF DEATH: THE UNDERWORLD Odysseus’ Descent into the Underworld (Book 11 in Odyssey ) o Odysseus, son of Laertes, tells the Phaeacians and their king Alcinous where he was directed by Circe and has to talk to the seer (Tiresias) on how to reach Ithaca o Found at the ends of the world along the stream of Oceanus and had to make a series of promises and sacrifices of blood (with 1 st : honey and milk, 2 nd : wine, 3 rd : water, all: white barley; jet-black sheep for Tiresias; promise of killing a barren heifer in his own halls) in a pit; gloomy place with the dead being flitting shades o Elpenor: first to speak with O who didn’t receive a proper burial and was still at Circe’s palace after he fell from the roof and forgot to use the ladder, breaking his neck and O promises he’d give E a proper burial o Anticlea (O’s mother):second to appear before O who had died due to heartache from her son’s absence o Tiresias: third to appear; speaks of O’s destiny and asks how he could speak with his mother o Others who appears: a parade of women, Agamemnon (died at hands of Clytemnestra and Aegisthus), Achilles, Patroclus (doesn’t speak), Greater Ajax, Heracles and his wife Hebe o Ends with the hordes of the shrieking dead swarm up and O resumes his journey Aeneas’ Descent into the Underworld by Virgil o Set in Cumae, Italy, where Sibyl (prophetess of Apollo) tells Aeneas what the requirements are to visit his father in Hades (must get a golden bough and bury his comrade Misenus) o Getting the Bough: “gazed at vast woods” and said a prayer and twin doves come flying and settled before his that appeared to be his mother’s birds and followed them as they eventually lead him to a tree with the golden bough near Lake Avernus and brought it to Sybil after M’s funeral rights were done o To the Underworld: went through cave after a ritual and several sacrifices; dark with the three-headed dog (Cerberus) and went through Dis where many unfortunate things (hunger, grief, disease, old age, etc.) and various beasts resided (centaurs, scyllas, chimaera, gorgons, etc.) though all were without body and were empty shadows Came across Acheron (river of Tartarus) where the ferryman, Charon resides to ferry over buried souls across the river Styx and meets his ex-helmsman (Palinurus) who had fallen overboard but wasn’t buried yet; Charon questioned them but ferried them once he saw the bough; came across Cerberus, Sybil threw him drugged cake; goes through various lands with the various condemned resided Had a hell and Tartarus (a place for punishment where people like Tityus, Sysyphus, Ixion), Paradise and Elysium/Elysian Fields (paradise within the realm of Hades) Plato’s Myth of Er in The Republic o Steeped in religious and philosophical concepts on how moral people should be rewarded and immoral people punished after death; somewhat like a story of the period of intermission between death and rebirth
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Mythology Study Guide MT 2 - Midterm 2 Study Guide VISIONS...

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