Essay 1 - Iris Tu ANT 324L ESSAY 1 PAPER PROMPT 2 In high...

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ANT 324L ESSAY 1 PAPER: PROMPT 2 In high school, students are required to take English classes and a good portion of them require you to look beyond the texts that you are supposed to read. Using these texts, or allegories in a sense, one is required to decipher the hidden meanings beyond the mere surface and finding the symbolism, metaphors, as well as other literary devices, all of which make up a “classical” literary work, or so it seemed. At that time, it appeared to be so much work. Who would actually delve in deeper when the meaning was staring you in the face? A sentence simply stating “the white elephant walked across the endless field 1 ” did not have to symbolize a multitude of other “hidden” things, such as how the elephant could represent a divinity who is pure, with the ‘endless field’ symbolizing time. In truth, however, it seems as if this process of viewing between the lines is done subconsciously while we’re going about our daily lives, even when one is entertaining themselves with a book – or even a movie. Taking Jessica Hagedorn’s quote into consideration, in regards to the characters in films who we deem are most similar to us, “we have… learned to view between the lines, or to add what is missing. 2 ” This automatic mechanism is just a social aspect of human nature along with the unconscious egocentric-like way, relating things to oneself and what one knows 3 . This is demonstrated nicely with Marlon Fuentes’ Bontoc Eulogy (1995), the entire film was set up to be a historical documentary, of sorts, based on the narrator’s grandfather. However, it turns out that the entire plot was fabricated, and all of the images and music were not completely authentic and were found in the United States. Even so, as seen with the class, most everyone believed it, whether or not it was because
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Essay 1 - Iris Tu ANT 324L ESSAY 1 PAPER PROMPT 2 In high...

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