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Iris Tu ANT 324L Response Paper 3 The word ‘translation’ is defined as “a rendering of the same ideas in a different language from the original 1 ” and is a mode 2 of ‘transporting’ one’s ideas upon another; some of the details may not be the same but the framework is essentially consistent with the other. It is something that is usually done naturally and without much thought. Then again, the word is also broad enough to encompass many terrains in the literary sense. For instance, it could mean the direct rendering of a statement from one language to another, or it could be the idea of how “even words with fixed meaning[s] can undergo a maturing process,” 3 since things can never withstand the passing of time, as well as the changes that come with it. Then there’s also the audience’s interpretation of the text and how they relay and process it. This act in itself may impose the title of ‘translator’ upon the audience, for they in turn translate the material given to them and “produces in it the echo of the original.” 4 Janice Tanaka’s Memories from the Department of Amnesia (1989) is a prime example of the act of translating. It was a unique documentary on the director’s mother’s life in America. It opened with a ‘spooky’ beginning that stretched for the entire first half of the film, full of techno music, dizzying bright lights, blurry scenes of medical personnel in scrubs, and a person riding through a diner on a bike. All the while, the aforementioned effects and scenes were interspersed with one another at seemingly
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Response 3 - Iris Tu ANT 324L Response Paper 3 The...

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