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Name: ______________________________ PSC 41: Research Methods Final Exam Please answer the following questions on your scantron. You will not be given credit for marks on this page. Good luck! 1. Psychology is considered a science because it a. gains information using modern technology b. relies on objective observation c. accepts what seems plausible d. studies animal as well as human behavior 2. A hypotheses is a statement that a. can be disproven b. is correct c. is intuitive d. is made “after-the-fact” 3. When you define "aggression" as a the number of times a child hits or kicks another child in a 30- minute playground session, you are a. being vague b. being skeptical c. improving the external validity of your study d. creating an operational definition 4. A questionnaire study finds that watching violent television is associated with aggressive thoughts and feelings, this study most definitely has a problem with a. construct validity b. external validity c. internal validity d. ethicality 5. In an experiment, a researcher finds that watching pornography leads participants to feel less negatively towards sex offenders. The researcher interprets this to mean that exposure to nudity leads to less negative feelings towards sex offenders. If you disagree with the researchers operational definition of “nudity” as watching pornography then you are questioning the study’s a. external validity b. internal validity c. construct validity d. all of the above Page 1 of 8
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6. You read about a study in the newspaper in which the researcher is claiming that a new drug causes white female participants to feel happier. The experiment is designed well with appropriate control and experimental groups. And the researcher has done well to control the effects of spurious variables. However, the researchers has not been able to replicate the effects of this study with other populations. We would describe this study as having a. good internal validity and good reliability b. poor internal validity and good reliability c. good external validity and poor reliability d. poor external validity and poor reliability 7. Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of the Internal Review Board (IRB) a. to evaluate articles submitted for publication for internal validity b. to evaluate the ethical nature of proposed research c. to evaluate proposed research for the potential costs and benefits to the participants d. all of the above are responsibilities of the IRB 8. Which of the following is NOT a required right of participants in human research a. participants cannot be deceived b. participants can refuse to participate c. participants have to be informed of potential risks d. all of the above are required rights 9. You conduct a study and find that cancer patients who attend religious services are more likely to recover. You think that this is because going to church gives people hope and the hope is what is actually helping them recover. In this example, hope is a
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final_exam_key - Name PSC 41 Research Methods Final Exam...

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