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BILD 2 Fall 2007 Practice test questions #4 1) Channels that pass the major ion current during the initial, rising phase of an action potential have which of the following properties? i. pass K+, but not Na+ ions ii. pass Na+, but not K+ ions iii. open in response to the neuron membrane potential becoming more positive than a threshold value iv. close after the membrane potential drops to a negative value v. are refractory to further stimulation after their inactivation gate closes (for a few msec) vi. do not open immediately upon stimulation, but open after a delay of a few msec A. i., iii and v. only B. ii, iii, iv and vi only C. ii, iii, and v only D. ii, iv, and vi only E. i, v and vi only 2) A cell that contains proteins enabling a hormone to selectively bind to its plasma membrane is called a(n) A. secretory cell. B. plasma cell. C. endocrine cell. D. target cell. E. regulatory cell. 3) The primary reason steroid hormones usually act slowly is that A. target cells tend to ignore steroid hormones in favor of nonsteroid hormones. B. they are produced at very low concentrations. C. they are too large to enter a cell and therefore must first bind to a plasma membrane receptor before having an effect on a cell. D. acting via a signal transduction pathway makes for slower responses than does directly interacting with a cell's DNA. E. they turn genes on or off and it takes time for gene products to build up or become depleted.
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Homework4key - BILD 2 Fall 2007 Practice test questions #4...

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