08 - Nicole Casey Bio of Aids March 6 2008 HIV Disease and...

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Bio of Aids March 6, 2008 HIV Disease and AIDS OPPURTUNISTIC INFECTIONS (OI) Candidiasis- fungus Cryptococcus- fungus Histoplasmosis- fungus Mycobacterium avium (MAI or MAC) – bacteria Pnuemocystis carinii pneumonia- protozoan (single-cell organism) Toxoplasmosis – protozoan Cytomegalovirus – virus Cancers – Kaposi’s Sarcoma, Invasive Cervical Cancer * know what causes it, it’s major symptom, and how to cure it CASE DEFINITIONS CDC: Stage I: Acute Infection 2-8wks Stage II: Asymptomatic 6mo-11rs-25yrs Stage III: Persistent Generalized Lymphadenopathy Stage IV: AIDS Walter Reed: Stages 0-6 +/- HIV +/- Lymphadenopathy or < 400 CD4 cells +/- - OIs Treatment Purpose of Treatment Keep pathogen in check by interfering with some essential biochemical process. Challenges of Treatment Viruses do not live independently Must no b toxic to host When is it best to treat? Addressing unique features of HIV Approaches to Treatment Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTI’s– AZT, Tenofir, NNRTI’s – Neviropine) Protease Inhibitors (Ronavir, Thalidomide) Docking Inhibitors Integrase Inhibitors Viral Fusion, coating and Transport Inhibitors Virucidal Agents Immune Modulators and Cytokines Immunotherapeutic Intracellular Immunization Hormones and Vitamins Goals of Therapy and Tools to Achieve Goals Maximal and durable suppression of viral load Restoration and/or preservation of immunologic function
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08 - Nicole Casey Bio of Aids March 6 2008 HIV Disease and...

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