Lecture 16, 17 . Student movement of 1960s

Lecture 16, 17 . Student movement of 1960s - Student...

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Student movement of 1960s, left and right. Impact of those movements (left) of liberal and political policy. Economic/Political demands with laws -how the law appeared to writes, Carmichael turned the tables to interpreting the laws as to enlighten whites that blacks had rights, not to bestow blacks rights they did not already have. Republicans: -not dazed by Goldwater's loss (for the 18297032648071234th time) while Democrats thought the Republican Party was gone for good -Reagan CA Gov (1966) and re-elected (1970), had a strong group of supporters/organizers By 1966, MLK moved capaign to Chicago due to the availability for housing for blacks. James Marithy of Oxford Mississippi allowed for full integration. June of 1966, there was another march in Mississippi, but nobody paid attention during the movement. James was shot from an ambush from behind. Others picked up the march. During this march, frustration and anger that had been brewing for some years now, was revealed vividly. Stokley Carmichael
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