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JessicaHough Notes - Director of the 40 exhibitions at...

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Director of the 40 exhibitions at other museum Visiting curator at some Masters in curatorial studies from Bard College. Usually curators start in art history and then start working in museums with art and objects. She was the third class to do that program. She was part of an experiment really. The program had a lot of shortcomings. Occidental in Art History Became friendly with curator who was huge influence and encourage her to pursue living artists While working in the admissions office, she got the opportunity to curate some exhibitions at the campus gallery. Her first one was this response to the shutting down of the campus library from the public. Was about fear and paranoia Hired at the Aldridge Art Museum, started as intern and worked her way up. It was in a period of great change and growth cause the founder had just died. It opened up a lot of opportunities for where they could take the museum. Land Mine : Laleh Khorramian, Wangechi Mutu, and Michael Zansky Arrived out of an institutional need Mission of museum: to promote struggling or just starting artists Had a major exhibition of this really famous artist outside so they had this exhibition inside to tie back to their mission statement. -Laleh K.: Monoprint process, takes a plexiplate and pants on these clay wrapped Plexiglas and puts writing and textures on them. They look like maybe an aerial or a land mass or an excavation. -Wang. M.: deals with violence against women. She usually does figures, which are composed from cuts from fashion magazines. She then makes huge figurines that are similar to planet types shapes. They’re really dramatic. Typical ways of contextualizing her work are feminism. This gave it a different aspect
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  • Winter '08
  • Murray
  • piece, Aldridge Art Museum, Contemporary Collaboration Artists, Qureshi -Talha Rathore, Imran Qureshi -Nusra

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