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II notes - Benefits of Fisher 47 improvement in $ output of...

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Benefits of Fisher 47% improvement in $ output of product per man-hour of work Direct labor efficiency 18-22% 8-10% improvement in raw material utilization operated at 84% of its expense budget. Hourly wages $9 to $9.75 Surplus of workers therefore lay offs made to 8 workers Negatives of Fisher Leighton “It should be kept in mind that the instrument team is not such a tough place to handle. movement throughout the team’s room was frequent and widespread bantering, horseplay, and visiting were frequent occurrences periods of total inactivity not rare workers appeared to be daydreaming or silently contemplating their work In response to not making the schedule Sally says, “We usually make it. If we don’t, we don’t get too upset because we can always make it up some other time. Betty Gilen: “It’s really amazing the change that begins to come over people when they move into the last part of the month and see we’re going to have to step it up in order to make our quota.” -Betty says described how two parts of a product didn’t fit, so she has to search for work to do. She wastes 16 hours fiddling around and going job hunting. Says it would be better if she could just stay in one spot and have all her work lined up, since its harder to find work than to do work. Alice says spending time examining defective parts when it takes time away from regular production is a headache -Alice said they aren’t engineers, and that they aren’t supposed to know the technical parts of this kind of work. Problem is no one else at the plant knows much more
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II notes - Benefits of Fisher 47 improvement in $ output of...

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