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7 Sam Schulman g marriage

7 Sam Schulman g marriage - Sam Schulman G marriage and...

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Sam Schulman G marriage- and marriage 1. The strongest of these arguments predict measurable harm to the family and to our arrangements for the upbringing and well-being of children. However, Sam believes that what is at stake is our ability to maintain the most basic components of humanity. 2. Sam believes we are in the Antigone moment because some of our fellow citizens wish to impose a radically new understanding upon laws and institutions that are both very old and fundamental to society. 3. The civil rights argument is that denying tangible benefits to gay couples is comparable to Jim Crow laws. It is argued that it is a matter of justice and fairness. 4. The utilitarian argument is that legalizing gay marriage would encourage long- term monogamous relationships. It would promote and preserve moral values that are essential to civilized society such as loyalty, unselfishness, and sexual fidelity. Kurtz argues that radical gays support same-sex marriage in the hope that the institution of marriage will be completely undone altogether.
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