7 Building Blocks of Marketing

7 Building Blocks of Marketing - products are deF ned, you...

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1 2 Distribution is the process of making it convenient for your market targets to F nd, buy and use your products. Organizations distribute products via well-deF ned channels. Marketplace Marketing Information System 7 Building Blocks of Marketing Map A system to collect, an- alyze, report, and take action on information from the marketplace. This system also has to be able to distinguish legitimate information, or signal, from propa- ganda, or noise. Corporate Image 3 4 5 6 7 Positioning Positioning has two components — (1) Iden- tifying market segments with unF lled needs (the Locks), and (2) Creating images of products to F ll those needs better than competitors (the Keys). Product Products are the goods and services you develop to meet the needs of your market targets and to achieve the goals of your marketing plan. Price Price is the amount of money buyers are willing to pay and for which you are willing to sell your products. Once your
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Unformatted text preview: products are deF ned, you have the costs on which you can construct your pricing strategies. Distribution Place Promotion Promotion is the pro-cess of communicating the beneF ts of your complete product to the marketplace to generate a buying action. This is the image of the organization, division, or individual that devel-ops the products (goods and services) to be sold. Key CI strategies involve Creating, Protecting, and Enhancing this Image. Kalb & Associates 2005 You start the marketing process by using your marketing information system to collect infor-mation from the marketplace (market research) to F nd out what market targets want. T en you create strategies from the building blocks to give them what they want. Dotted lines indicate that you communicate these building blocks via Promotion strategies. White arrows are internal, and black involve external processes....
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