Universal Marketing Structure Map

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Unformatted text preview: 1 2 Th e purpose of the Signature (which is comprised of the name, logo and slogan) is to give identity to the commu- nication and further the re- lationship between the target audience, the product, and the company so the prospect is comfortable buying. 1. Target Audience 2. Communication Goals 3. 7 Building Blocks 4. Media 5. Return on Investment Headline Universal Marketing Structure Map Since 5 times more people, or 83.3%, only pay atten- tion to the headline, it should contain (1) the main points expressed as unique benefi ts , (2) a hook to interest the reader to take further action, (3) the name of the company and product (unless they are to be separated). Body Text 3 4 5 6 7 Close Th e Close should (1) Solicit a Buying Action, (2) Tie-in with the Headline, (3) End the communication, and (4) Contain a Marketing In- formation System code so the success of the communication can be measured....
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