quiz - MAE140 Linear Circuits Fall 2006 Quiz. Thursday...

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MAE140 Linear Circuits Fall 2006 Quiz. Thursday October 19 in class, 80 minutes Instructions This quiz is open book. You may use whatever written materials you choose including your class notes and the textbook. You may use whatever calculator you desire, provided it has no messaging communications capability, including infrared, radio and other wireless technol- ogy. You should attempt to answer all question parts. They are equally valued. You have 80 minutes. Please mark your papers with your name, surname Frst, and student number. HINTS: - Read the questions very carefully. Answer the questions asked and do not second guess some presumed meaning. Generally, take my hints. - If I instruct you to use a particular method then do so. Thus, if I say use nodal analysis then use nodal analysis and do not use mesh analysis. - Marks are awarded for methods, concepts and expression of ideas. Do not devote too much time to complicated algebraic manipulations. - Because I give you the answers, you will need to show the working in some detail in order to gain marks.
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Figure 1: Bridge circuit for computation of Th´evenin equivalent, Question 1. Find the Th´evenin equivalent circuits as seen by the load resistor R L . Do this as follows. Part (i): With R L removed, compute the open-circuit voltage between points A and B . Part (ii): With R L replaced by a short circuit (i.e. a piece of wire), use mesh analysis to show that the currents in the three loops satisfy, 90 - 30 - 60 - 30 50 0 - 60 0 80 i 1 i
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quiz - MAE140 Linear Circuits Fall 2006 Quiz. Thursday...

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