PedigreeWorksheetKey - For her to be Rh she will have to...

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Biology 200 Pedigree Analysis Worksheet KEY 1. Were Nat and Boris exchanged at birth? NO 2. Which test(s) were informative? ABO and MAM02 3. How did Boris get his special karyotype? Which parent could be responsible for the extra chromosome? Draw the starting cell and the products of meiosis I and II in that parent. Nondisjunction in Meiosis I in Wei Shiung 4. Which allele for color vision is linked to which allele for blood clotting on Carly’s two X chromosomes? On the chromosomes below, indicate the linkage arrangement. Another way to indicate X chromosome linkage is to write the alleles as superscripts on an X. Show Carly’s X chromosome genotypes below. X hB X Hb X Y H b h B
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5. What is the probability that Wei-Shung (I A I B rr) and Adelle (I A iRr) could produce a child with Wei-Shung's blood phenotype (AB, Rh )? Show your work. Adelle: I A i Rr Wei-Shung: I A I B rr Child: I A I B r r For the child to be AB, she would have to receive an I B from dad and I A from mom – each has a 1/2 probability, so that would be 1/4 chance.
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Unformatted text preview: For her to be Rh-, she will have to receive a little r from both parents – 1/2 from mom, and 1 from dad. For her whole genotype, 1/4 X 1/2 = 1/8 6. Does MAMO2 appear to segregate as though tightly linked to any of the other loci we have considered today? To determine this you will need to compare MAMO2 with each trait. Yes, the MAM02 locus appears to be linked to the ABO locus. (You can rule out the two X-linked traits right away since males in the pedigree have 2 alleles for the MAM02 locus.) 7. On which chromosome is the MAMO2 locus? The ABO locus is on chromosome #9, so the MAM02 locus must be as well. 8. Does this information clarify Boris’ genotype at any locus? If so, show the clarification. When considering ABO information alone, we could not decide the full genotype for Boris (I A ?). Using the segregation of the MAM02 PCR alleles, we know that Boris is I A I A ....
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PedigreeWorksheetKey - For her to be Rh she will have to...

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