History 1302 Review 1

History 1302 Review 1 - A KEY TO SUCCESS: HISTORY 1302 EXAM...

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A KEY TO SUCCESS: HISTORY 1302 EXAM #1 role of government in settling the west collapse of Indian resistance great wave of railroad building Century of Dishonor postwar South Dawes Severalty Act “The New South” consequences of Indian policies Southern textile production cattle drives B u l l D u r h a m J o s e p h G . M c C o y James Buchanan Duke Gustavus Swift “Pittsburgh of the South” beef marketing campaign scientific forestry cowboys Seaman A. Knapp Joseph Glidden Sharecropper end of the open range tenant farmers Fence-Cutters’ War crop lien system sodbusters B o u r b o n s H o m e s t e a d A c t convict leasing hazards of homesteading Southern Republicans John Deere color line “bonanza farms” Mississippi plan pioneer women “grandfather clause” Code of the West J i m C r o w W i l d W e s t Civil Rights Cases most violent region of the West “separate but equal” importance of the 1890 census Plessy vs. Ferguson “Significance of the Frontier in John Marshall Harlan American History” Booker T. Washington “frontier thesis” Atlanta Exposition W. E. B. Du Bois achievement of New South prophets western environment “flood tide” “Exodusters” Benjamin “Pap” Singleton “Buffalo Soldiers” western miners Comstock Lode admission of new western states Plains tribes Sand Creek Report on the Condition of the Tribes George A. Custer Battle of the Little Big Horn reservations Chief Joseph Geronimo Ghost Dance Wounded Knee
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changes in the United States after the Civil War Terrence V. Powderly industrial revolution anarchism postwar industrial expansion “propaganda of the deed” railroad construction Haymarket Affair federal land grants failure of the Knights of Labor Pacific Railway Bill achievements of the Knights of Labor “Hell-on-wheels”
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History 1302 Review 1 - A KEY TO SUCCESS: HISTORY 1302 EXAM...

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