History 1302 Review 2

History 1302 Review 2 - A KEY TO SUCCESS: HISTORY 1302...

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A KEY TO SUCCESS: HISTORY 1302 STUDY SHEET #2 CHAPTERS 23-26 Note these terms in highlighting the pages of the textbook, Tindall and Shi, America: A Narrative History . Chapter 23: An American Empire “free security” Tydings-McDuffe Act “Manifest Destiny” Commonwealth of Puerto Rico arguments for acquiring foreign territories “Insular Cases” imperialism in Africa and Asia Army Yellow Fever Commission The Influence of Seapower upon History Platt Amendment expansion of the navy Guantanamo Bay John Fiske, American Political Ideas Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 Josiah Strong, Our Country “spheres of influence” “Seward’s Folly” John Hay’s Open Door Note (1899) Samoan Treaty of 1878 great powers and the open door policy Pearl Harbor Boxer Rebellion Liliuokalani Hay’s “second” Open Door Note (1900) Hawaiian joint resolution (1898) Theodore Roosevelt Venezuelan boundary dispute Roosevelt’s character Richard Olney Panama Canal arbitration treaty with Venezuela (1897) U. S. S. Oregon chief motive for imperialism in Cuba second Hay-Paunceforte Treaty (1901) Wilson-Gorman Tariff of 1894 Ferdinand de Lesseps Cuban Revolutionary party Hay-Herran Treaty (1903) guerrilla warfare in Cuba U. S. S. Nashville Valeriano Weyler Canal Zone William Randolph Hearst Harding administration and Columbia Joseph Pulitzer Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine “yellow journalism” Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 Cleveland administration and Cuba Treaty of Portsmouth (1905) McKinley’s platform of 1896 Taft-Katsura Agreement (1905) De Lome letter Root-Takahira Agreement (1908) U. S. S. Maine “yellow peril” “Remember the Maine !” “Gentlemen’s Agreement” of 1907 McKinley and Spain Act of Algeciras (1906) McKinley’s war message Nobel Peace Prize Teller Amendment “Great White Fleet” reasons for war with Spain “splendid little war” Battle of Manila Bay (1898) Santiago problems in the army “Rough Riders” San Juan Hill Battle of Santiago Bay (1898) peace protocol American casualties in the Spanish-American War Treaty of Paris (1898) expansionist fever four motivating ideas of imperialism arguments of the anti-imperialists ratification of the Treaty of Paris Emilio Aguinaldo American Anti-Imperialist League
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History 1302 Review 2 - A KEY TO SUCCESS: HISTORY 1302...

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