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University at Albany: Course Syllabus for BACC 211: Financial Accounting Instructor: Michelle R. Moshier, CPA Office Location: BA 343 Office Hours: Tu/Th – 11:45 am to 2:15 pm E-mail: Telephone: (518) 442-3788 Blackboard Site: WileyPLUS Site: WileyPLUS Course URL: i>Clicker Site: Kimmel Online Student Companion Site: Class Meeting Times: Class 4890 meets Tu/Th 8:45 – 10:05 am in LC 07 Class 3555 meets Tu/Th 10:15 – 11:35 am in LC 07 Catalog Course Description: Basic principles of accounting theory and practice, nature of assets and equity; income measurement and statement preparation. Intended accounting majors are encouraged to enroll in BACC 211 in the first semester of their sophomore year. Course Goals and Learning Objectives: Accounting is often referred to as “the language of business.” Financial accounting focuses on accounting information that is available to individuals outside an organization. BACC211 will introduce the student to the concepts and terminology of accounting and provide him/her with an overview of the principles of financial accounting. The primary objective of the course is for the student to learn about accounting as an information development and communication function that supports economic decision-making. The course will help students analyze financial statements; derive information for personal and organizational decisions from financial statements; and better understand business entities. In striving to achieve this objective, the student will: Understand the basic structures of accounting, including the steps and procedures of the accounting cycle. Gain a broad view of accounting’s role in satisfying society’s need for economic information and its function in business and public accounting. Understand fundamental accounting concepts in addition to the elements of financial statements. Understand how users of financial statements utilize accounting information to make decisions about organizations. Required Course Materials: o Financial Accounting – Tools for Business Decision Making , Kimmel, Weygandt, and Kieso; fourth edition; John Wiley and Sons - ISBN: 9780-470-13812-0. Please note that the textbook ISBN is for a specially priced package that includes WileyPLUS, which is an online homework program that is required for this course. The package also includes the i>Clicker keypad. This package is not available online or through Amazon Books, but may be purchased at the UAlbany Bookstore or at Mary Jane Books. When packaged with the text, there is no additional charge for WileyPLUS. Please note that if you purchase the textbook alone elsewhere, you will have to purchase WileyPLUS separately at a cost of $77. WileyPlus includes a complete hyper-linked electronic text.
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ACC211_Fall_08_Syllabus - University at Albany: Department...

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