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Joe Pucci History 384 Professor Weiss Essay #1 October 20, 2008 Three Postwar Literary Works The postwar period of European history was a very tumultuous period in the history of the world . One main reason for this was the sheer difference between the ideologies of the “East” and the “West.” The Communist ideals of the East were of particular interest to many writers of the time . Three of these authors had works that speak to the varying opinions on the Communist ideal of the time . These works were 1984, by George Orwell ; The Captive Mind, by Czeslaw Milosz ; and Humanism and Terror, by Maurice Merleau-Ponty . All three works provide a commentary on Communism . Each has its own distinct points, and thus, each work is saying something unique . However, the works do share some common themes in them, although the opinions on these themes do sometimes differ . Some of these themes include the use of terror in Communism, and the imposed uniformity of Communism on the human race . Despite these common themes, each work can be regarded as their own individual commentary on Communism in postwar Europe, and for this reason, it is extremely important that each work is read in order to have a better grasp on some of the different views held during the Cold War . In order to better understand the arguments being posited by these authors, one must understand both the basis of each book, as well as the way in which the author
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delivers each work . In 1984 , Orwell is basically commenting on the negative aspects of living under a communist regime . He does this by portraying a completely fictional world to the reader . Many aspects of this fictional world are metaphors for different aspects of
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384-Essay 1 - Joe Pucci History 384 Professor Weiss Essay...

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