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SAMPLE NOTEBOOK QUIZ CHEM 241 This is representative of the quiz questions that will be given on July 12 during the first ½ hour of class. This quiz is based on Notebook information that you have gathered so far . You may use your lab notebook to take this quiz as all questions asked can be answered using information that you would have contained in a properly written notebook. Note: Also there will be questions pertaining to what should be in the July 12 th distillation prelab . What was the melting point , name and structure of the sample you recrystallized on June
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Unformatted text preview: 28th. mp___________ Name ________________________________ Structure: What was the final weight of recrystallized material? ___________ What was the weight, melting point and structure of the compound you isolated from the 1M HCl extractions (the compound isolated after you added 6 M NaOH)? Weight__________ mp___________ structure: Draw a sepratory funnel. For today’s distillation lab list two of the possible distillation unknowns and their boiling points (literature values). Sketch the simple and fractional distillation apparatus...
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