comm420final - Comm 420 Final Exam Due by 5pm on Thursday...

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Comm 420 Final Exam Due by 5pm on Thursday, May 15 th in 3 rd Floor Mail Box Compose a 3-5 page double-spaced essay answer for 4 out of the 5 questions listed below. Be as specific and concise as possible. Use the class readings and lectures as needed – cite specific readings or lectures. 1. Political Learning and Socialization a. How are we socialized into our political system and learn/form attitudes about political institutions like the government? What are the key mechanisms of political socialization? b. How do we gain political knowledge? What are the key structural and behavorial factors that impact levels of political knowledge? c. What role/influence, either positive or negative, does the media play in political socialization and knowledge gain? d. What does Prior argue has changed about the relationships between mass media, political learning, and polarization in our society over the last 30 years or so? Why does it matter? 2. Emotion a. What role do emotional ads and campaign messages play in opinion formation and political behavior? How does emotion impact the processing of information, and how does it vary depending on different emotions? b. How does Brader’s model of emotion and campaign ads relate to other theories of public opinion and information processing we have discussed like framing and Zaller’s memory-based model? How would you synthesize these memory-based approaches with emotion? c. What kind of ads motivate and drive interest in an issue or candidate the most effectively? What kind of ads increase attention and persuade people to change their mind most effectively? According to Brader the effectiveness of emotional ads are
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comm420final - Comm 420 Final Exam Due by 5pm on Thursday...

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