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rev phys final - The essential 116b What you should know...

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Unformatted text preview: The essential 116b. What you should know: Electric Field lines: How to draw them, what do they mean? Coulomb force: How to calculate it (vectors), when is it attractive/repulsive Gauss’s Law: Know how to work the 3 different shapes to find the E field Charge conservation:(remember the charge on the 2 spheres?) Electric Potential and Potential Energy(Different shapes and configurations) Capacitors: dielectrics, serial, parallel, Q=CV, stored energy Current, current conservation, drift velocity, resistivity, resistance(parallel, series) V=IR, Circuits, Power dissipation, (roughly!)temperature dependence on resistivity Capacitors in a circuit, switches in a circuit, RC circuits Magnetic fields(wire, solenoid, toroid, loops) 4 eqns to apply(and Right Hand Rule): F=qvxB, dF=IdlxB, dB=(Uo/4pi)(Idl x r)/(r ), B.ds = Uo Ienclosed Induced EMF, = -d(flux)/dt, =-L dI/dt, RL circuits, inductance, Stored energy in an inductor know how to deal with: Sliding rail, moving hoops, changing B, rotating hoop and eddy currents...
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