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Chapter 8 Republic of Texas claims Rio Grande as border with Mexico, but Mexico claims the Nueces River….Nueces Strip is the disputed area President Polk sent Gen. Zachary Taylor to the Rio Grande to protect interests with Texas and U.S. Troops Battle of Palo Alto: May 8 th , Mexican troops attack Taylors troops Battle of Resaca de Palma: May 9 th , Mexican troops retreated from Palo Alto ere and got overrun by Taylor’s troops and forced to move across Rio Grande Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: ended Mexican war in February 1848 a) established the Rio Grande as the boundary between Texas and Mexico Tejanos were threatened by anglos looking for more land a) Juan Seguin, elected mayor of San Antonio in 1840, tried to help Mexicans that were being oppressed, threats of violence against him and his family forced him and his family to return to Mexico, he stayed there for 6 years, later on commanded the Mexican frontier defense during the Mexican war against the U.S. b) Cart War of 1857: In 1857 Anglo teamsters, frustrated by their inability to break the near-monopoly of Mexican cartmen, began a campaign of terror, destroying carts, stealing freight, and in many cases killing drivers. Local authorities did little, but soon the Cart War raised the cost of transporting merchandise, and San Antonio businessmen began to worry, Mexico’s minister to the U.S. complained to the government in Washington, which led in turn to an appeal to Texas, and the state legislature approved funds to provide armed escorts for the cartmen. The Cart War ended, but the Tejanos’ hold on trade to the coast was weakened. Richard King: Son of Irish immigrants in New York City, came to Texas with Mifflin Kennedy (a Pennsylvania born Quaker). He served as a steamboat pilots for the U.S. Army during the Mexican War. He became great rancher, most important purchase of land was 53,000 acre Santa Gertrudis de la Garza grant, which he bought in 1854. Also made money from continuing his steamboating enterprise Juan Cartino: son of an aristocratic Mexican mother, whose family held title to a large grant near Brownsville. Fought against America during the war, developed a hatred for anglos, whom he accused of stealing land from tejanos in the lower rio grande valley . Brownsville Raid of 1859 – Caused because Cortina saw a Brownsville lawman use unnecessary force to arrest a Mexican ranch hand. He shot the lawman, and took the ranch hand and fled to mexico. He returned with 48 men and took control of Brownsville, two months later, killed at least 3 men. Mexican authorities convinced him to give up Brownsville, he retreated to his mothers ranch and denounced the presence of Anglos in
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history_review_fo_sho - Chapter 8 Republic of Texas claims...

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