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REVISED STUDY GUIDE NOTES Karankawas - Lived along the Texas Gulf Coast, cannibals (ceremonial), strong, tall, legendary hunters, swimmers, and warriors. They ate fish, small game, and alligators. They were never Christianized. These were the Indians that would later settle Goliad’s mission La Bahia. Caddoe - Lived in East Texas bordering French LA. Perhaps the most civilized of all the Indian groups due in part to the cultivation of crops. The Caddoe also practiced cannibalism but only as a ceremonial ritual. Grew crops and traded with French and Spanish. Some would settle some of the East Texas missions. Cohuiltecans - south Texas (northern Mexico), primitive, lived off of environment, scavengers, nomadic, Spanish did well Christianizing them in the San Antonio missions. Poor, and often on the chase by Apache. Used Drug Peyote and as a consequence it wasn’t uncommon for them to experience hallucinations. Apaches - central and west Texas, name means enemy, warlike, roamed plains, relied on buffalo, lived in tipis, great on horses, always at war with the Comanches. Usually traveled in bands…smaller groups of Indians. Comanches - great plains region, fearless horsemen and warriors, nomadic as they followed buffalo, always at war with the Apaches. Flint - used mainly by Karankawa Indians to make arrows and other weapons that would be used for their survival. To hunt game. Animals of Early Texas - these included Mammoths! Early, in pre-historic Texas area. Pictographs - Seminole Park. These pictographs that can be found there belonged to humans that lived in that area in Pre-Historic times. They seem to have a religious interpretation. Shaman -Medicine Man. Through him, the Spirits would be contacted. He served as one of the most important leaders of the Indian community. Reconquista
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TX2053_1ex_ReviewN - REVISED STUDY GUIDE NOTES Karankawas-...

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