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Chem 171 Quiz 1 Version A 1. What should you do if you get chemicals in your eyes? Go to the eye wash station Forcibly hold your eye open if necessary Flush continually with water 2. An ice cube with a volume of 45.0 mL and a density of 0.9000 g/cm 3 floats in a liquid with a density of 1.36 g/mL. What volume of the cube is submerged in the liquid? Mass of object = mass of displaced liquid= 45.0 mL x 0.9000 g/mL = 40.5 g Volume of displaced liquid = vol of cube submerged = 40.5 g x 1 mL/1.36 g = 29.8 mL Chem 171 Quiz 1 Version B 1. Name four laboratory dress regulations. (Pick any five) 1.Bare feet are not allowed. 2.Bare legs are not allowed 3.Bare midriffs are not allowed. 4. Sandals are not allowed. 5.Open-toed shoes are not allowed. 6.Open-backed shoes are not allowed 7.Shorts are not allowed. 8.Halters are not allowed. 9.Long hair must be tied back. 2. A flask has a mass of 78.23 g when empty and 593.63 g when filled with water. When the same flask is filled with concentrated sulfuric acid, H 2 SO 4 , its mass is 1026.57 g. What is the density of concentrated sulfuric acid? (Assume water has a density of 1.000 g/mL at the
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