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EM Novartis - Siming Zhu AEM 4420 Emerging Markets Case...

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Siming Zhu AEM 4420 – Emerging Markets October 15, 2008 Case Summary: Novartis Agricultural Discovery Institute Know as a global life science company, Novartis has traditionally focused its efforts on pharmaceuticals. However, competition in the pharmaceutical industry intensified as companies that once focused only on pharmaceuticals began expanding their business in an attempt to build a diversified biotechnology company. Novartis recognized that in order to remain competitive, it too must innovate and diversify into the biotechnology industry. Conversely, it also recognized that while there are great potentials for growth within the biotechnology industry, there are also numerous uncertainties that can result in these potentials not materializing. These uncertainties include the level of competition, acceptance by customers, and regulations that still required much improvement. Despite these ambiguities, Novartis still chose to enter the biotechnology industry.
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