Research Methods- Exercise 2-1

Research Methods- Exercise 2-1 - Exercise 2 Defining...

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Exercise # 2 Defining Variables Part one: For each of the following concepts, give a conceptual definition (i.e., what does the concept mean to you?) and then two operational definitions (i.e., what are two ways you could measure that meaning?). For each operational definition you create, indicate whether it is a behavioral measure (i.e. some action you could directly or indirectly observe), a self report measure (i.e., participants fill out paper-and-pencil type questionnaire items), or some other type. Be prepared to discuss the advantages and/or disadvantages for each of your definitions. Part two: Write one hypothesis on any of your own interests. For the independent and dependent variable, give conceptual and operational definitions. Relational Satisfaction Conceptual Definition Feeling like a happy and active member of a relationship. Meeting the needs of your partner while they do the same for you. Operational Definition 1) Asking couples to fill out a questionnaire on how satisfied they are in their relationship and to list what factors improve their overall satisfaction (self-report). 2) Checking pheromone levels when they are around each other or engaged in
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Research Methods- Exercise 2-1 - Exercise 2 Defining...

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