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Siming Zhu AEM 4420 – Emerging Markets November 19, 2008 Case Summary Arcor: Global Strategy and Local Turbulence Problem: Since its humble beginnings as a small Argentinean candy producer, Arcor has grown to become the country’s leading candy producer and the world’s leading exporter of hard candy. From its earliest days, Arcor had a vision of becoming a truly global company and competing with large multinationals like Nestle and Mars. Arcor differentiated itself from competitors by continuously introducing creative products that also met its goal of offering “good quality at an affordable price”. Over the years, Arcor worked hard to expand its presence through Argentina and its neighboring countries, ultimately becoming a dominant player in the Latin American confectionery market. By 1999, Arcor was ready to implement a growth strategy that would hopefully move it one step closer to realizing its vision of becoming a global company. Unfortunately, these plans had to be delayed as they coincided with the Argentine financial
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