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Siming Zhu September 9, 2008 AEM 4260 – Fixed Income Homework #1 Chapter 1: Q5, 6, 20 5. What is the cash flow of a seven-year bond that pays no coupon interest and has a par value of $10,000? A seven-year bond that pays no coupon interest is effectively a zero-coupon bond. If held to maturity, the only cash flow stemming from a seven-year zero-coupon bond will be equal to its par value of $10,000. However, if the holder of the bond chooses to sell the bond prior to its maturity, then he will face interest rate risk. The cash flow from the seven-year zero coupon bond may be less than or equal to the par value of $10,000, depending on the required yield in the market at the time of sales. 6. Give three reasons why the maturity of a bond is important. The maturity of a bond is important for three main reasons. First, the term to maturity of a bond indicates the time period over which the bondholder can expect to receive interest payments.
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