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Study Guide for Exam II

Study Guide for Exam II - KIN 316 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE...

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KIN 316- FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE Lecture week 4. The meaning of management Chapter 4 Be able to explain what management is in your own words. DEFENITIONS FROM BOOK : “The term management refers to the process of co-ordinating and integrating work activities so that they are completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people.” “Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims.” “Management is partly the process of getting things done through people; and partly the creative and energetic combination of scarce resources into effective and profitable activities and the combination of the skill and talents of the individuals concerned with doing this.” A manager is “someone who gets work done through other people by initiating and directing action. . . . Makes decisions time and time again about what work has to be done, how it has to be done, and who has to do it.” o WHAT has to be done (what shouldn’t be done) o HOW does it have to be done o WHO has to do it MY OWN DEFINITION : Know the three common elements of management 1. There are goals/objectives to be achieved 2. Limited resources 3. With and through people. Understand the difference between effectiveness and efficiency Effectiveness- Management is concerned with effectiveness in achieving it’s goals *Doing the right things means effectiveness - setting the right goals and objectives and then making sure they're accomplished. Efficiency - maximizing the benefits for a given cost (or the other way around: minimizing the costs for a certain benefit).
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*Doing things right means efficiency - getting the most from your resources, whether they're people or products. Understand the theory of Scientific Management o Structure of the organization o Effectiveness Understand the Human Relations movement theory o Focuses on people o Leadership/Relationships Know the four functions of management and be able to explain them (p. 102-106) o PLANNING: Considered the most basic of the 4 functions Setting goals for Org & members Specifying activities/ programs through which goals will be achieved Identification of constraints Forecasting the future Mission statement & Vision Planning is the “What” o ORGANIZING Division of total work (specified in planning process) into specific jobs Establish formal relationship among jobs and among the individuals performing these jobs Creation of groups/ departments/ unit (“departmentation”) Organizing process elaborates on “WHO” should do it. Right people for the right job Creation of groups and departments leads to the formation of an Organizational Chart that shows the organizational hierarchy and the relationships among individuals and departments within the organization o LEADING “A process in which leader and followers interact in a way that enables the leader
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