Interview4 - Due December 4 2008 INTERVIEW#3 TRUTH AND...

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Due December 4, 2008 INTERVIEW #3 TRUTH AND FORMAL EDUCATION Instructions: Interview a faculty member or administrator in a college or university (professor, lecturer, dean, etc.); or a graduate student who has already received a graduate degree (Master’s , Law, MBA, MFA, etc. You may interview doctoral students in CMS, but not the professors. Try to interview people outside the College of Communication. Introduction: I’m taking a class at UT that deals with the way people communicate honestly and dishonestly. For one of my assignments, I need to conduct a short interview about truth and education. All the information will be kept completely confidential and no names will ever be used in connection with this information. I do need your name and phone number, though, in case my instructor wants to verify my having conducted this interview. 1. Do you know the saying, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make (or set) you free?” 2. What do you think it means? 3. How should students seek the truth? 4. How will students know when they’ve found the truth? 5. How do scholars and educators in your field determine what is true? 6. Give me a statement about something studied in your field which you are certain is true. 7. Why are you certain this is true? 8. From this interview, I learned: Interviewee Name : Steve Burgon Interviewee Phone : 512-396-1401 Student Name (Print ) : Sandra Dever
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1. Yes I do. 2. Truth and reality are subjective. They are determined by the perception of each individual. In context of my field of math and computer science, truth is determined by numbers. Therefore, it is not as ambiguous as in other fields. In my opinion, truth is actually determined through spiritual self awareness. Truth resonates with positive energy and makes sense and leaves you open to all
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Interview4 - Due December 4 2008 INTERVIEW#3 TRUTH AND...

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