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AEM 437 DGT case

AEM 437 DGT case - Jarett Banks Professor Leiponen AEM 437...

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Jarett Banks Professor Leiponen AEM 437 March 24, 2008 Case Analysis: Distributed Generation Technologies Distributed Generation Technologies (DGT) was founded by three Cornell MBA students to create technologies for organic waste management and renewable energy. DGT set out to create a digester which would produce biogas from agriculture and production waste. The team has licensed a Cornell technology which is capable of producing 90% methane gas, suitable for use in combustion engines and fuel cells. DGT has a vast value proposition for its buyers and investors. The company would capitalize on compressed natural gas production via pressurized digesters. With government incentives at hand for companies reducing their emissions, as well as reducing waste product, the biogas generation system holds a dual value. The digesters would be able to transform waste product into “green” combustible gas and compost/liquid fertilizer. This adds value to a previously wasteful cost and increases production efficiency.
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