syllabus - CoE 2001 Statics(2-0-2 Spring 2009 Prerequisites...

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1 CoE 2001 – Statics (2-0-2) – Spring 2009 Prerequisites: Physics 2211 Text: Statics, th Edition, PWS Publishing Company, 2007. Instructor: Name: Christine Valle, Ph.D. Office: Love 216 Phone number: 404-894-3289 Email: [email protected] Office hours: MR 8:30-10 (and by EMAIL appointment) In addition, review sessions will be provided before exams (date, time & location TBD). Graders: Name Email Section Lina Tucker [email protected] C (MW 10-11) IC 119 Jon Berggren [email protected] E (MW 11-12) IC 113 Brian Watson [email protected] H (MW 1-2) IC 115 Outline: Please note: This schedule is tentative and subject to change, especially towards the end of the semester. We won’t be following the book chapters in order! ± Introduction (Appendix A1-5, 2.2) o Components of a vector (Force) o Cross and Dot Products VECTOR QUIZ ± Moments, Resultants (3.1-8) o Moments and Couples o Moments about a Line ± Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies (4.1-3) o Free-Body Diagrams o Equilibrium in 2D and 3D TEST 1: Moments & Equilibrium of a Rigid Body ± Centroids and Distributed Forces (7.1-3, 3.9) o Centroids of Composite Parts o Distributed Loads ± 2D Structural Applications (5.1-5, 4.4) o Plane Trusses o Frames TEST 2: Distributed Forces, Trusses & Frames ± Internal Forces in Beams (5.8-5.10): Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams ± Friction (6.1-2) TEST 3: Internal Forces & Friction ± Final Review FINAL: Comprehensive (includes centroids)
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2 Tests, Quiz and Final Exam Schedule (All Sections): Vector Quiz Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 W Jan 14 W Feb 11 W Mar 11 W Apr 15 Final Exam: Per Registrar’s Office: Section Name and Meeting Info Period Number and Final C (MW 10-11) IC 119 Period 15, May 1st (Fri), 2:50 - 5:40 E (MW 11-12) IC 113 Period 3, Apr 27th (Mon), 2:50 - 5:40 H (MW 1-2) IC 115 Period 9, Apr 29th (Wed), 2:50 - 5:40 Percentage for Grade Calculations: Assignment Type Percentage Worth Homework 5% Vector quiz 5% Test (3) 20% Final 30% Grades will follow the usual scale 90:80:70:60:50 for A:B:C:D:F but I reserve the right to make some slight adjustments for borderline cases based on obvious effort and work ethic. I DO NOT CURVE. Important Dates: Monday, January 19 (School Holiday) Friday, February 13 (Progress Report Grades Due) Friday, February 27 (Drop Day) Monday-Friday, March 16-20 (Spring Break) March 25 – April 21 (Phase I Registration, Summer & Fall – my office will be crowded!) Monday, April 13 (Last Day to Warn Me of Scheduling Conflicts with the Final Exam) Friday, April 24 (Last Day of Classes) Student Expectations: ± General: o Cell phones, computers, etc are to be turned off in every class. o Please note, email is the official means of communication at GT and the Institute mandates you to check emails at least once a day: ( ) “All students will have an e-mail account through the Georgia Institute of Technology that will be their official point of contact, and they are expected to check this account each school day.” Email is the only way I have to contact you and I expect you to follow this rule.
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syllabus - CoE 2001 Statics(2-0-2 Spring 2009 Prerequisites...

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