Dance 3 - Dance 3 Professor Thomas Allegra Fuller Snyder...

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Dance 3 Professor Thomas 2/20/08 Allegra Fuller Snyder Professor of Dance and Dance Ethnology Malathi Iyengar Director of Rangoli Dance company bharatanatyan [email protected] Is art a good idea? How dance relates to life Performance as a way of knowing as a body of knowledge Dance from the point of ethnology Study of dance in culture 21 st century Relationship of dance to the dynamics of everchanging of culture with the significance of dance to that process Dance is so much part of a culture that just sees it as just there Western culture We separate mind from body Dance as an intellectual and scholarly discipline Study of dance within the culture itself- dance ethnology Dance ethnology We need to develop the means to articulate the value of dance to human society As we confront ourselves. We are truly confronting the complexities of culture We have confronted the dichotomy. CONCEPTUAL EMBEDDING Ideas come into your head and you don’t have to articulate it. Completely integrated, not specifically communicated, it is in the experience. It is the event. Event is the microcosm of culture. Spiritual event of the whole. Critical to the functioning of mankind Dancing walking in a special way. Conceptually, frame of mind that changes it to dance Dance is an experience that is naturally to the human process It is due to a bias that dance is limited to a few
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Dance 3 - Dance 3 Professor Thomas Allegra Fuller Snyder...

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