Racy 3 - Music and ecstasy in mysticism(sufis Music as...

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Music and ecstasy in mysticism (sufis) Music as ecstasy in secular contests A.J. RACY 2/11/08 The word mysticism Related to religion/spirituality. The entity. Knowing it directly through experience Exists in many religions Christianity At certain times, there were mystics who meditated. States of being alone. Feeling connected with the spiritual existence Judaism Islam Hindu Sufi Mystics in Islam “Suf”- wool in Islam Around 11 th century, many of these people began to group themselves in religious sects. Influence from Greek philosophers Had two basic principles . Unity of Being The whole universe is part of love. Everyone is part of this divine unity. Spreads out and engulfs this very existence. Very universal idea Divine Love Rabiah alAdawiyyah (d. 801A.D.) Wrote beautiful poetry She was brought into slavery, but Freed by her wonderful mind The relationship between the humans and god, is love We fall in love with god, not in fear of God or ambition for paradise. Therefore our connection with the divine is pure love From then on, the major medium of worship for Sufis is love poetry Islam tradition
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Racy 3 - Music and ecstasy in mysticism(sufis Music as...

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