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Lecture 2 Professor Dwyer Commedia 1/9/08 Pg. 1-35 -modern example of commedia Charlie. -Moliere -born to a very good family. -father was an author -made and sold bed furnishings -middle class -rare royal officer -He would drop by where Louis 13 th lived, and made his bed. (this was a great honor!) (even chamber pots!) - decided he wanted to be an actor, which was extremely shocking to his father -He was very proud of being middle class, but not his father -Always wanted to be a tragic actor -actors had no respect -theater is an opportunity for immediate sin -the only way for an actor to be buried in a hollow ground would be to renounce his profession -died without renouncing his renouncing his profession, but Louis the 14 th had him buried -Neo-classical tragedies then became popular -oceanic chants -tried to do tragedies in Paris, but they failed. -got put into jail. - While he was in the streets he came around some Italian soldiers doing commedia . -the point of farce was to go fast enough that the audiences couldn’t understand what they were saying. -Sin Caesar -did skits that they wrote and performed live -achieved an extraordinary level because of the writers -the one that begins with two men. The blacksmith teaches the other one how to nail a shoe. A lady and another man end up dancing. Commedia
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Theater 1 - Lecture 2 Professor Dwyer Commedia Pg...

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