Theater 2 - Dwyer January 28 2008 Popular Culture Commedia...

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Dwyer January 28. 2008 Popular Culture Commedia dell’Arte and Theater and Women Reading Applications -Does it have anything to do with your life today Sees how important gestures are in our lives. -What does commedia dell’arte have to do with your life? Popular Culture Commedia dell’Arte The Boulevard of Crime Actors act out on the street Mime (Baptiste) sees the whole action of a thief stealing a golden watch from someone. And that someone accuses the lady next to him. Mime then acts is out to help her. “Onstage at Les Funambules” from “Children of Paradise” Rich people were in the balconies, the boxes. Getting rejected by a statue A woman is on a pedastool, but women are not supposed to be on pedastools. Sin Caesar’s With Beethoven’s 5 th symphony *Remember, you don’t need words! It’s commedia Husband and wife have an argument with the music. Every gesture fits the music. It’s both high and low culture. Just like Shakespeare, it’s complex. Dwyer thinks Caesar is an actor When people are making fun of something, they are making themselves free of something Sganerelle Jealousy. Fear. Terror. Silly. Grand. A little bubble up and trickle down. Theater and Women
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Theater 2 - Dwyer January 28 2008 Popular Culture Commedia...

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