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vietnam korea - Compare/Contract Vietnam War and Korean War...

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Compare/Contract Vietnam War and Korean War US involvement in both of these wars took place bc the US was afraid of neighboring Asian nations becoming Communist Nations.(domino theory) Both Korea and Vietnam were split into North and South. North Korea and North Vietnam supported Communism while South Korea and South Vietnam supported democracy. Because of the proximity to China both North Korea and North Vietnam were sent ammunition, supplies, and troops South korea and vietnam were given supplies and supported by the US KOREA South korea was protected from communists by us Korea tried to defeat us by number of troops, china sent over a million troops General douglas macarthur lead us troops Us had advantage bc of superior air power and technologically advance weapons Most battles were fought in the open which helped bc of us fighting methods and weapons Battles were quick and effective and drove north Korean and Chinese troops back over the line of division. VIETNAM Vietnam resorted to guerilla warfare bc of the smaller fighting force and dense jungle terrain. Tunnels were built earlier on in resistance movements against the French and Japanese Expanded network of tunnels to almost 250 km Built under us camps and wen us figured out where fire in their camps were coming from they tried taking over tunnels but usually got lost, amubushed, or ran into booby traps Vietnamese turned war into a people’s war and us could not distinguish viet cong from civilians Basically everyone joined the war effort in Vietnam END OF BOTH WARS Korea the war ended in 3 yrs and 54k were killed Vietnam the war ended in 10 yrs and 58k were killed Korea war was characterized by short bursts of fighting while Vietnam war battles were long and drawn out Both wars ended in negotiation Korea a cease fire was called and a demilitarized zone was formed In Vietnam the paris peace treaty called for a cease fire and us agreed to pull out all troops and in turn north vietname released all American POWS However north Vietnam attacked the south after the US pulled out. 1. Purpose of the National Movement In India, the goal the national movement was simply full independence or self-rule from the British Empire. However, the reasons for this was: i. Discrimination and racism against the Indian people by the British ii. Lack of opportunities and advancement in the colonial administration, sought to increase iii. Desired Indian representation in all-Indian and local legislative bodies iv. Large numbers of Indian dies because of fighting in World War 1 v. Despise favoritism by British toward British investors to establish national budget, trade policies and so forth. vi. Indian people produce for the British people, not for their families etc. vii.
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vietnam korea - Compare/Contract Vietnam War and Korean War...

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