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MKTG lecture notes - Who are you targeting and will enough...

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MKTG class notes 15/09/2008 14:09:00 The three C’s as an analysis guide 2. Customers 3. Competitors But the 3C’s aren’t enough thus we need to do a SWOT analysis Strengths (internal) Weaknesses (internal) Opportunities (external) – environmental  Threats (external) – environmental  Identification of market goals Select target markets find points of difference developing products positioning strategy set product objectives (should be quantifiable and attached to a timeline) Develop business case for management approval – put together a case, and make it  convincing. Some hit questions Why now Can you make it
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Unformatted text preview: Who are you targeting and will enough people buy your product What is the value proposition (what does the customer get and how much will they be able to spend on the product) What position do you need and how are you going to get it Will projected volumes and margins justify the investment (finance and accounting skills come in) Finalize marketing mix & implement the importance of implementation skills Product Price Promotion Distribution Follow-up Measurement efficiency Measurement efficiency Corrective action 15/09/2008 14:09:00 15/09/2008 14:09:00...
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MKTG lecture notes - Who are you targeting and will enough...

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