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MKTG lecture notes

MKTG lecture notes - • Who are you targeting and will...

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MKTG class notes 15/09/2008 14:09:00 The three C’s as an analysis guide 1.company 2. Customers 3. Competitors But the 3C’s aren’t enough thus we need to do a SWOT analysis Strengths (internal) Weaknesses (internal) Opportunities (external) – environmental  Threats (external) – environmental  Identification of market goals Select target markets find points of difference developing products positioning strategy set product objectives (should be quantifiable and attached to a timeline) Develop business case for management approval – put together a case, and make it  convincing. Some hit questions Why now Can you make it
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Unformatted text preview: • Who are you targeting and will enough people buy your product • What is the value proposition (what does the customer get and how much will they be able to spend on the product) • What position do you need and how are you going to get it • Will projected volumes and margins justify the investment (finance and accounting skills come in) • Finalize marketing mix & implement – the importance of implementation skills • Product • Price • Promotion • Distribution • Follow-up • Measurement – efficiency • Measurement – efficiency • Corrective action 15/09/2008 14:09:00 • 15/09/2008 14:09:00 •...
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MKTG lecture notes - • Who are you targeting and will...

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