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Grading+Rubric+for+Extra+Credit+Article+Review - Criteria 4...

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Gradations of Quality Criteria 4 3 2 1 Summary statement of the content of the paper my summary is clear and concise, demonstrating that I understand the content fully my summary is fairly thorough, though I don't clearly demonstrate full appreciation of the arguments my summary is confused or unclear, and I do not appear to understand the paper I don't summarize the paper at all Clear grasp of the argument(s) I clearly understand what the author was trying to say, and express this understanding well I get the gist of the paper, but I don’t fully understand the subtleties of the arguments I miss a lot of important details, and don't seem to get the bigger picture I clearly do not understand what the author was trying to say Critical review of the paper I provide strong, clear justification for supporting or rejecting the paper I provide reasons to support or reject the paper, but I miss some important points, or my arguments are vague I suggest there are reasons to support or reject the paper, but I
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