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Chapter 16 Notes - Hist 106 Chapter 16 Notes...

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Hist 106 - Chapter 16 Notes Reconstruction (1863 – 1877) Civil war – “revolution but half accomplished” Era the nations most chaotic and conflicting times Reconstruction – era defining status of defeated south within Union & freedom for slaves I. WARTIME RECONSTRUCTION Lincoln’s primary aim – restore national unity through speedy plan forgiving political reconciliation B. “To Bind Up the Nation’s Wounds” 1. Reconstruction plan aimed - shorten war & end slavery 2. Lincoln - Proclamation of Amnesty & Reconstruction (Dec. 1863) a) Full pardon rebels willing to renounce secession b) Full pardon willing accept abolition of slavery c) 10% registered voters agreed allegiance new state gov. d) Lincoln’s plan inadequate 3. Congress put forward plan (July 1864) 4. Wade-Davis bill formed a) 1/2 voters take allegiance oath b) Banned ex-confed. Participate in new state constitutions c) Didn’t include provision for suffrage 5. Lincoln did not sign Wade-Davis bill and let it die C. Land and Labor 6. New labor code Mississippi river valley a) Outlawed whipping b) Army discipline blacks refuse to work c) Blacks – contracts, work diligently, obedient 7. Ex-slaves given no land of own 8. Gen. Sherman coast south of Charleston for blacks (Jan. 1865) D. African American Quest for Autonomy 9. Restoration of black families 10. Independent worship 11. Eager to become literate I. Presidential Reconstruction Lincoln died – April 15, 1865 New Pres – Andrew Johnson Johnson’s demands of ex-rebels mockery of Union soldiers sacrifice
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E. Johnson’s Program of Reconciliation 12. Johnson favored Democratic causes a) States rights b) Against huge federal Gov. 13.
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Chapter 16 Notes - Hist 106 Chapter 16 Notes...

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