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Unformatted text preview: NAME: I.D.'. TEST TWO PROBABEITY AND STATISTICS, ECON 153 FEBRUARY 1, 2003 Since the last test tank so Icingr I have made some [11' Lhe calm ulaLiun questions WUITEII meaty points. I 2 A researcher took a simple random sample of 81 nhservat‘juns from a populatinn W'hDHC standard deviafiun in 35. The sample mean was 100. Please brand a 95% confidence interval. for me pepulafien mean. [email protected]>G'>E‘> 9 im$1?é(§;€’3 71001 73L} 92%;: w HEEL} / z 2 J 0' 3. Briefly explain why lthe standard error of the diflierencc does not equal ~—-'-— + —2 when the two variables are nut independent. 1Ur:1 n: W we CAH‘T USE mg; Wfl-mcfim W ELEM DOT” 9217-1 WW 4. Why is it improper to speak about The probability that the pnpuluflnn mean {a in a given wufidence minimal? EMT {T’ 13 pa. T7ILIZ/LQ‘L Tm at W BMW’I- H" Li: M WflEDABELAETIQ' 5. What is meant by the word consistent (as in the Hemtenue “This unbiased estimate: is consistent. ")Z’ W A": MT THE-1 UARAmu—JCLE‘S Weakest?" m Mp is WW mum THE ”MM 6 T. Jamie wants re know how many minutes 11' takes In get Frnrn Irvine tn- Disneyland un average. She knows the standard deviation 13 1E} mum. [new she knows this 15 a mystery) How Ian-3e nf a sample does she need' 111 urder Ee- estimate the mean mean five Jannutes Withfi! 99% confidence? . . 2 C2 ' 53X105> : Z 6. 628:; 5 3. In the finger-tapping example discussed in class, we 111111 hypothesis was p = 1111]. ‘W’l‘laL preefeely in mu the mean of? my; Hm curf— m7; PW'fiw—J Fm comm THE Eng-Mk; @595) MS OEMM. 9. Ifthe default Is to use a two-tailed test, why is it apprape'iate to use a me- -i‘ailed test in The finger—tapping exmnple? WE fl cur TEE LMq-EEWJ :00 WA @1me ”(Haiti Aggupa PWLQCZ, when warm—1‘ ...
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