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test3key2 - 1-12{Two questi ons — twenty points 12 side...

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Unformatted text preview: ! 1-12. {Two questi ons — twenty points) 12 side wants to know its certain population is smarter than average. x' :3 takes :1 sample of 25 people from this population and measures their Q. in fact, the population is smarter than av 22ers ILL {Average IQ is 100.} What is the probability ofIaskie ngflty jetting this false null? (i. e. What Is the pose test B standard deviation of lQislfi. [IILIL— .05 _ W M i2: 1% is lsrs It) __' ' I L” . 105,2? II _ _ . M55 . -*1-*t7_‘S “p K 13- H l: W‘fit‘ng twenty points} Time 15 e fDur-sitietl die. Each side is a different eulur.DI1e ut'ii'lt: sides Is bluL. 1" Amanda £15315 that the die isn't fair She 19 gums; it! test it. 'in mulling il T5 limes in realily il crimes up blue 32% of Pi l'IIIL is Ll'II: probability at Amanda 111 ' 3; Type II enot"? Let (1:.95 “x 1' '_ ‘ u j ' t <2 5 rs /. .05 1‘ It‘ié- std??? ‘;;"‘K ”\3 . “*rflé‘fi _ J52 N-5+fi us; 15. li't'hich would lit: linger: [11} Ill: p-wtlui: Ufa T'J-HLEHTE: equal to two; [11} the II-yalue rifts t-stzore equal to fittfifim}, OJ.“ [C] the p—Vflhle ofa t-SEDII: equal to two {with 10 degrees of Freedom]? Mn near] to explain. 10 I731 meet-vet IIS-"l? . o-questiuns — Lwcnly points} It is suggested that students study six hours per week for suspects that his students are so dedicated that they are actually studying more than the recommended :1 sample uffout students. They suitiy 9, l 1, | l, I? hours per week. It is know that cr = 1. Please oaleulst pay attentitm to line previous sentence.) Then sewage it to the appropriate critical value. Come to e e hypothesis. Ami then stat: wt: at this means concerning Professor X’s students and how much they 5111 y. certain class, but Professor It. . He takes a simple random the appropriate statistic (Hint: lnsion oonesrning the null '3. I Generally speaking, What would happen to the test Ell istil.’ ul'tm experimen as set: ' ' ‘ 'uses'? Briefly explain why [Assume the null hypothesis is thin and that everything e e stays the same. } if It” 6181‘s LIE-me? 0516145 iGfiZS ...
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