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Unformatted text preview: NAB-E: l.D.: TEST FOUR PRDEAEILL'I'Y AND STATISTICS, ECGN [SE IBBRAURY 29, 2003 1. Explain why a related samples Heat is more pnwerfifl Than an independent samples t—teet. we Elle-lHeJfisT—E'i ’l'Hre-Z umflleefilplw Beluga! ”firs? deem/$5- 2. Whyieitethnnhigemm whavehumugeneity ”resumes? Beesepeeifie eepeeeihle. IT‘ FDCEEl—fi'fi: W are“ Fm (AJH 16A ILJCEM Pan—82.... i. Centinuii'lg with quunLiutl 2, why [haw] :luee hmnegeneit}! at variance glve us this advantage? r1- :5 565% Men—Jere tile—x5 air-f <3 T35 EST-Mere. W Manage. Mae W 4. Explain why rehustness with regards 1.u humegeneily elf variance is less safe concern when sample sizes are large [This question may require same thuughl. Dun Lhe hasty. ] Wee ‘ll-tc‘: Peer‘azw aw (MICK ‘5 m e MM pmeL-sllas 1,1435 Hop-£7 )j 3. When' 15 the mbusmsss nfetestnnt a eminent {net enunfing when tJ'u: sample eize is large)? mew .fl-‘EJ'E‘ELRHW Mani-‘1' U bLfl—TED 6. Adam thinlee children whn firmly in a silent mm can meal] trim: wattle than children whn study in El. laud teem. He got a sample of six people and reecm'lerl fl'je numher nf wards recalled in eeeh lncatirm. He used the six people in both lee etiuna. Do not calculate anything. litetlnelr:r precisely tell me why ynu might be hesitant tn use a t-teet Fur this data. “film: L1 9 13 hi 5 1n '4 11 T ‘1‘ r 11 “at e 4 I-f Use for 7:" sin 3: Olav is testing to see if eating da'fl‘erent type-s effiuit before a test affee the seen-e. He uses the mun: people in each group. First, they eat a banana and take a test, then the}.r eat an apple and take a similar test, then. they eat an orange antltake a similar test. Your answers eannet he generic descriptions, hut tamer must use this example. ‘l‘. Clearlyr and briefly exelaie what a early-ever etfeet would be? I? Eefiece es. flaw-he— mag-1'5 m.“ MLE @353”) (‘99! (”Swag“) (all :1be s. Cleaxlyend hrleflyexplainwhatenorderefieetmutdhe? Wflfiflfl IF THE M (M) éEa/P Rages m Wm {T55 1:45;? M :5“ lfi‘r : ...
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