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earthquakes 5 - -Fort tejon: 7.9 M o 350 km long, ruptured...

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scarp – uplifts in earthquakes. Formed by uplifting hanging walls on dip-slip fault.  San andreas – biggest/longest fault in California, fastest slip-rate (rate at which the fault stores  and releases seismic energy), generates by far the largest earthquakes in California. San  andreas moves at about 35 mm a year.  Creeping section- full of serpenine and talc, cannot  store seismic energy.  Relative rate at which plates move - North America and pacific plate move past each other 50 mm a year  2 biggest earthquakes in California were 1906 san Francisco 1857 fort tejon (badger). 
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Unformatted text preview: -Fort tejon: 7.9 M o 350 km long, ruptured from central California (parkfield) to cajon pass. o 2-12 meters of displacement-1906 San Fran. o 7.9 M, 450 km long. 2-6 meter displacement, ruptured from north end of SAF at Cape Mendneino to east of Monterey called san juan bautista. Ecsz (eastern California strike zone) - Set of right lateral strike slip fault that extends northward of san andreas above palm springs all the way up east side of sierra nevadas up to Oregon. San andreas has 70% of NA plate motion, ECSZ has 20%...
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