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Earthquakes 12 - is far away Surface waves dissipate in 2...

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Earthquake   12 October 23 rd , 2007 Compositional boundary.  - Ex. moho: separates mantle and scrum on top. Crust floats. - Ex. Core mantle boundary. Core is made of metal, mantle is made of rock. Mechanical boundary - The mechanical behavior is different from the same compositional thing: o Aesthenosphere and lithosphere. o Lithospheric plates are rigid things that move around on top of the slushy  aesthenosphere. Difference between teleseism and local earthquake is distance. Local is <100 km and telesiesm 
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Unformatted text preview: is far away Surface waves dissipate in 2 directions. And energy spreads as 1/r Body waves spread as spherical wave fronts through the earth (3D) so energy spreads as 1/r^3 (graph) Focal mechanisms: -if first motion is upward to or to the seismograph, it is positive and showed by bubbled in.-if first motion is downwards away or away from the seismograph, it is negative....
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