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earthquakes 16 - Path effects structure of crust between...

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Earthquake 16 November 6 th , 2007 Review: Local magnitude  = richter magnitude, based on 1 second shear waves.  Amplitude on seismograph is 10x bigger for every earthquake.  Moment magnitude = does not measure magnitude of ground shaking but energy released.  Why does damage occur where it does? Source effects: mentioned in last notes - Directivity o Occurs when rupture propagation and fault slip occurs in the same direction.
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Unformatted text preview: Path effects: structure of crust between earthquake and site interested in strongly occur where damage occurs.-Different waves travel faster through different structure of crust. Site effects:-Difference between bedrock and sand/granite makes huge difference. o Up to 10x amplitude, 4x duration for sands, granite. o...
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