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IMG_0931 - BISIC Fall 2007"5 FINM EXAM III C The exam...

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Unformatted text preview: BISIC Fall 2007 "5' FINM. EXAM . III): C The exam consists ol‘ I 1 pages. l[l(l questions and It)“ points; ‘plczw: check your exam to be sure that It 18 complete, Neatly mark your answers an the Scuntrnn form usmg it #2 pencil. Clearly PRINT your name and ID number on the Scanirnn form and he sure to fill in the proper ID and exam version bubbles. When finished‘ turn in the scantmn [him to your TA. READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY AN!) COMPLETELY AND THEN CHOOSE THE ONE BEST ANSWER. BISIC F2007 Final Exam Multiple (‘hnicc .u’dt'rttt‘fi' H“. lr'm'f' “film r'l‘miw that lam? t'mnpt’rm' rln- firm-mew: m' mun-wit thy um'xt‘nm. 9' 1_ What feature distinguiuhm gymnnspct'ms [ham {1“ other gmnph'.’ u. Trucheitls tl l’nllcn b7 Suutmtlttrr Growth c. The [71'L"~L‘11L't.‘ tul' acctls wnlmttt fruit t‘. Bi—fztcial vasrultlr cttmhium ‘. P‘. —- 2. Which nfthc l'nIImVinf; ik cltascxl to lllt.‘ mrk Lillllllllll‘ll tn n. _‘3 [\mr ultl tlimt stem? 1: n. oldest phloem il. _xntntytw‘. x} It-m . lb" youngest phlucm v. pill: t'. oldest \‘Hu‘m _ 3. In general. :tpprmnnult'l} pcr'tt‘nt uf [ht- |.'llt'l‘_.:\ In u-nc trnpltic lL'\-t_'l uk- it'shlll'llllllcd into the next. :1. I ll ‘-!'I 'h; 1n .- .Ht': . : LT 7:: H2 " .y k. .. ’t . - 4. Thu wind-disarmnutL‘LL unwell t'ruitx tsl' llt.l11l\‘ :Lllil :lm tram-t are cullctl a. grain h. siliques L'. {whens-s d. nuts c. hill'llilrllh - 5. Choose the best! answer htJlllW. l];|}llgl1l :tntl Inglt lc\ul~ n! Iltu: (fl lNH'l'ANS Hull} gene ggjns‘fiiejn: 1].. lung-day plants in lungI «lays and shun—day plants in shun-days 19’. shun—day plants in shun days the muming )r )1? both long—day plants and short-day plulllr-i in lung days {9 lung-day plants in long,r day; p __._ 6. Strands containing xylem and phltmm uru culled __. a. vessels _\ b. sieve tubes 3t” @ vascular bundles d. e. ' "\ me 501311le none of the above ...
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