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IMG_0932 - ID 7 Phytochromc is converted from the is...

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Unformatted text preview: ID: 7. Phytochromc is converted from the is; inactive tin-2km the active form by being exposed to light of What ((-1 y color? “wk, 3. yellow P Ff: Ht b. blue t” ‘ l-t’ \ a. white 3‘ d. far red © red i; 8. Statoliths have a role in _. a. phototropism gravitropism c. photoperiodism \A d. biological clocks; e. dormancy _‘?\_ 9. Which is no: :1 feature that may have. given angiospcnm a xclcclti c .u l\'.mt.i}:c -I\ ct pymnmpcrmx'? (of? seeds b. fruits rid c. an ovary around an m'ulc d. an improved vascular system e. the flower as a modified brunch ¥ 10. Root hairs are a. are misnumed. they are found on lL’;t\!..’.\ b. water repellant >9 c. tubular extensions of’cpidermal ccllu ' \dj mucilaginous extensitms ot'thc root cup e. multicellular. water-absorbing orcum i ll. Which ofthe following can he llHL‘tl to Lllhlll‘lglllhll monotob [tom tlicots'.‘ - . E a. leaf venation pattern tl. a_ and h. ~ 5 " ' ' b. stern vascular arrangemcnt c. a. h. 'tLllil c. c. floral organ (eg. petal] number "0 12. Which of the following are altcmtitivcx‘ to uccontlar} growth / fl Branch and grow horizontally (I. a. and h. I Jar." Grow wide during primary growth c. a. h. and c. f - c3 Adopt an annual life cycle ‘5’ 13. Which of the following is not an example of :1 stem modification? X corrn . _ d. rhizome }‘ C13} spine (cg. cactus) .3, tuber p." thorn (e.g. citrus} Q/ 14. During energy transfer from one trophie level to the next. the smallest amount of energy is: consumed but lost as unassimtlated. undigested waste I . assimilated and spent on growth assimilated and spent on metabolism lost as unconsumed waste ...
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