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gov test review 1 - Government Test#1 Review I Roots of...

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5/23/05 Government Test #1 Review I. Roots of American Government A. From Aristotle to the Enlightenment Natural Law Thomas Aquinas Reformation – movement to reform doctrine & institutions of Roman Catholicism Protestants – believe direct communication to God. Altered how people viewed Gov Seperatists – split from Catholic Church, set up self-government in social compacts Enlightenment Isaac Newton Encouraged people to see alternatives to monarchy B. A Growing Idea: Popular Consent Social Contract Theory a. Hobbes and Locke Thomas Hobbes – Leviathan; monarchy necessary to restrain men; give up rights to government; Argued for strong single ruler to protect weak from strong John Locke – preserve private property; denied rights of kings; men born equal; consent of people only basis for sovereigns right to rule; governments role – preserve life, liberty, property, assure justice; president limited by law C. Setting Up U.S. Government Monarchy power held by heredity of Kings & Queens. Hobbes – called for single ruler – called for less centralized power Oligarchy – rule by the few or elite; based on wealth, property, social, military, or achievement status Perversion of aristocracy – rule of the highest Democracy – government that gives power to the people B. Theory of Democratic Government Direct Democracy – Colonists quick to create participatory forms of government Indirect Democracy – citizens vote representatives to work on their behalf
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gov test review 1 - Government Test#1 Review I Roots of...

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